Pre-Approval Financing Process

Manufactured Housing Consultants Victoria’s success is largely based on our ability to help credit-challenged buyers obtain financing. Manufactured Housing Consultants Victoria in large part is a manufactured housing financing specialist! Many potential buyers have had some type of credit problems in their past. We can help you purchase a new manufactured home with no credit, low credit scores and even bad credit! Our customers have faced bad credit scores due to divorce, collections, charge offs, repossessions or even a home foreclosure. Don’t let your bad credit stand between you and your dream home. Whatever your credit situation, we can help. We have access to eight lenders and each of those lenders has multiple financing programs!

Many of our lenders also specialize in financing marginal credit customers and even customers who do not have a social security number, such as undocumented workers. There are even alternative income programs for self-employed customers who cannot prove all their income. Additionally many of our homes in inventory have been selected because they offer a factory or lender based financing incentive. The pre-approval process is simple. By completing a free Customer Profile Assessment with pertinent applicant, residency and income information, our consultants can show you which homes and loan programs that you will most likely qualify for.